Greg Henry's contributions to the field of emergency medicine are legend. Not only is he a former president of the American College of Emergency Physicians, but he has also been the recipient of its highest recognition awards for his numerous contributions to the College and the field of emergency medicine during his career.

His expertise in the field of risk management is beyond comparison. He has reviewed in excess of 2,000 malpractice cases over the last 25 years; he is the editor of the text Emergency Medicine Risk Management: A Comprehensive Review; he has served as a risk management consultant for numerous physician groups and hospitals throughout the United States; and he has been the president and CEO of an emergency physician malpractice insurance company.

Greg lives to teach. It is his passion and his life. His love for the field of emergency medicine is reflected in the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every presentation he makes.

Disclosure - Dr. Henry has stated that he has no relevant financial relationships to disclose.

As the editor of Emergency Medical Abstracts, Rick Bukata has personally reviewed the contents of over 600 journals monthly since 1977, edited over 13,000 abstracts and written over 200 essays on emergency medicine-related topics. In addition, he has spoken at hundreds of conferences focusing on evidence-based, literature-defendable emergency practice. In recognition of his contributions to emergency medicine education, he was the 1993 recipient of ACEP's Education Award.

In addition to his interests related to the literature of emergency medicine, he has served as the director of a community hospital emergency department for 25 years. In this role he has had the opportunity to be involved with many innovations aimed at optimizing departmental function, throughput and patient satisfaction, including the development of three commercial software programs facilitating ED operations.

Rick brings to Risk Management Monthly his unique perspective on the literature of emergency medicine combined with his background as a director of a community hospital ED.

Disclosure - Dr. Bukata has stated that he is the President of The Center for Medical Education, Inc. The Center produces a variety of CME programs focused on emergency medicine and primary care. This relationship will not impact on his ability to provide unbiased presentations.