Meet the Hosts

Each month, over 1,000 physicians depend upon Doctors Greg Henry and Rick Bukata to provide them with an upbeat, fast-paced, risk management-focused educational experience.
Gregory L. Henry, MD
  • Former CEO of two emergency physician malpractice insurance companies
  • Has reviewed in excess of 2,200 malpractice cases over the last 25 years as a risk management consultant
  • Editor of the ACEP book Emergency Medicine Risk Management: A Comprehensive Review
  • Serves as a medicolegal consultant for numerous physician groups and hospitals throughout the United States
  • Former President of the American College of Emergency Physicians and recipient of its highest awards
W. Richard Bukata, MD
  • Edited over 15,000 abstracts and wrote over 200 essays on EM-related topics while editor of Emergency Medical Abstracts
  • As Medical Director of the Center for Medical Education has been involved with the production of over 600 Emergency Medicine courses since 1985
  • Served as the Medical Director of a community hospital in Los Angeles for over 25 years
  • Recipient of the ACEP Outstanding Contribution in Education Award