Learning Objective: To discuss ED leadership issues and implement new strategies for operational improvement.

If your Emergency Department is like most, you are challenged every day to meet the ever increasing expectations of your patients, the medical staff and the hospital administration. As ED Medical Directors and Nurse Managers you are expected to be up-to-date on the latest regulations that affect your department and methods of developing effective solutions to optimize your operations.

Effectively managing an Emergency Department is no easy task. In fact, there is probably no other department in the hospital that is more challenging to run. Managing ever-increasing patient volumes, problems with holding admitted patients in the ED, dealing with growing regulatory, Joint Commission and CMS mandates, handling a myriad of staffing issues, monitoring performance and throughput merely skim the surface of the litany of day-to-day management challenges that ED leaders are required to address.

Up until now access to information specifically focused on the needs of ED leaders has been very limited. Not any more. ED Leadership Monthly is designed to provide you timely, comprehensive, state-of-the-art information from true "been-there-done-that" ED experts from both the physician and nursing perspectives.

The broad experience of the hosts of ED Leadership Monthly, coupled with interviews with other industry experts, will provide you with solutions that have been successfully implemented in Emergency Departments throughout the country. No more trial and error, no more hit and miss. You'll get the essential information you need to effectively deal with the tough challenges associated with running today's Emergency Department.

Plus, in Addition to Your Monthly Audio, You'll Also Receive a 4-Page Printed Summary and Up to 2 CE Credits Each Month for Physicians and Nurses.