Podcast Setup

Step 1: Install Podcast App
Step 2: Register & Create Feed
Step 3: Add Feed to Podcast App
Please Note: If you are setting up a podcast for a mobile or tablet device the following podcast setup instructions must be completed by using the browser on your desired device. Completing this podcast setup on a computer will not register your podcast on any other device.

iPhone and iPad

The Podcasts app for iOS devices provides easy access to your subscribed audio publication podcasts.

To subscribe to the podcast, simply click the Subscribe link on Step 3 from your iOS device. To play a podcast, tap on any issue. To download a specific months issue, tap the iCloud icon in the podcasts feed.

You can manage your subscriptions and play podcast episodes in My Podcasts.

To learn more, visit iOS Podcasts Support.

If you don't have the Podcasts app you will need to download it from the App Store or find an alternative podcasting app. We recommend Downcast as a good alternative podcasting app for iOS devices.


If you want to download, subscribe and listen to podcasts on your Android device, then you’ll need to download a good third-party app from Google Play.

There are a handful of terrific apps out there that let you download and manage podcasts directly from your Android device. We recommend the simple and incredibly easy to use free apps Podcast Addict and Podcast Republic.

iTunes on Your Mac or PC

To subscribe to a podcast, simply click the Subscribe link on Step 3 on a Mac or PC. When you subscribe to a podcast, iTunes will automatically check each day for new episodes.

You can manage your podcast subscriptions and play the episodes you have downloaded in the Podcasts section of your iTunes library.

To learn more, visit iOS Podcasts Support.